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Ultra small form factor machine introduced

Issuing time:2018-01-27 00:00

Use miniature machine can produce beautiful contracts, Conference book, briefings, instructions, proposals, policy and personal notebooks, photo albums, brochures as well as summons binding, check binding, document binding, data binding, cards, wireless, hardcover, photo album, butterfly dress, book binding works also can repair the lost books. Particularly suitable for graphic production center, a library, a Photo Studio, small printing companies, designing Institute, Research Institute, published document binding use of institutions such as small and large businesses.

Machine advantages

1. small volume, size of a printer, 7.8kg;

2. preheating, engine is 5-6 minutes;

3. low power consumption, power 450W;

4. staple each 40-70 seconds;

5. the binding operation is simple;

6. thickness limitation, binding thickness can be up to 12cm.

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